Japan Future Initiative for Rock Mechanics (J-FIRMs)

The 6th Japan Future Initiative
for Rock Mechanics
@Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
Tokyo, Japan
Tuesday, January 10, 2023
10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
Sponsoured byJapanese Society for Rock Mechanics

Registration: by Monday,October 31,2022



  • Background of the Conference
    The field of expertise that each of scientists, engineers and researchers engaged in rock mechanics and rock engineering has differs depending on their own background such as civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, resource engineering geology, etc. Now, we as researchers definitely need to cooperate beyond our expertise and background in order to deal with important issues because problems to be solved have currently become more complex and larger, and also there is a limit to what an individual researcher can do to solve the problems. Researchers can get an incredibly wonderful value by cooperation but we sometimes neglect it and just stick to what we have individually done so far. Japanese Society for Rock Mechanics is an organization that mediates between researchers engaged in rock mechanics and rock engineering, but we cannot say that cooperation among them are not as sufficient as we expect. Especially, for young researchers, cooperation among researchers in different fields is inevitable because we can easily predict that severe competitive environment for survival will be ahead of them.
    So, in order to enhance cooperation among young researchers, we hold the 6th Japan Future Initiative for Rock Mechanics (J-FIRMs). We expect this session to be a great opportunity for both companies and students to get to know each other and have a good relationship that will continue even after the meeting.
  • Purpose
    1. Participants show the possibility of cooperative research with other researchers by sharing their research information and how they can cooperate with others, e.g. experiment, numerical stimulation and analysis.
    2. Participants deepen the understanding of current problems to be solved concerning rock mechanics and rock engineering and look for the possibility of cooperative research to solve them.
    3. Participants aim to achieve beneficial results for rock mechanics by acquiring big research budgets including Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A).
    4. Participants can consider how they can make it possible to have the international meeting for young researchers in Asia.
    5. Participants, especially companies and students, will be encouraged to communicate with each other in the special session that companies related to rock engineering, civil engineering and resource engineering present their business.
  • Participants
    4th year undergraduates or graduates, and young researchers who are approximately up to the age of 40 years belonging to universities, institutes or research laboratories of public organization or private companies engaged in rock mechanics and rock engineering
    *Those who are older than 40 years old can also participate in the meeting, but those who are 40 years old or younger will be prioritized for presentation.
  • Subjects/ Keywords
  • 1. New technologies such as AI, IoT, DX, etc.
    2. Energy Resource and Petroleum Engineering, Shale Gas/ Tight Oil, Geothermal Energy, Energy Storage
    3. Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage, Geologic Disposal of High-level Radioactive Wastes, Issues Related to Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical(THMC) Coupling Processes
    4. Tunnels,Underground Openings, Slopes, Deep Drilling
    5. Earthquake and Rock Dynamics, Earth Crust,Rock Properties,Methods of Experiment and Examination, Measurement


Schedule and Venue

Conference Date: Tuesday, January 10, 2023
<Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry>


1. Fee No Charge

2. Important Dates (Postponement)
Registration: Monday,October 31,2022
Presentation File Submission: Wednesday,November 30,2022

Registration: Monday,October 31,2022

3. How to Register
Please attach your registration form and self-introduction form to your email.Please choose face-to-face or online
You can download the forms from the links below.
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4. Contact Information for Registration and Inquiry
Miho Fujita at Ehime University
Email: fujita.miho.ui@ehime-u.ac.jp

Hideaki Yasuhara at Ehime University